2019 Come and Try Day

Ricochet Gala Day 17 July 2016

Sunday 17 July saw our first Ricochet Gala Day. 32 competitors from nearby clubs – Nelson Bay, Maitland, Toronto, Branxton, Cessnock and Newcastle. Doubles were played with a different partner each game and more competent players were paired with beginners. Quite a few had never played ricochet before but that didn’t stop them joining in the day and having lots of fun learning this new croquet game.

The day began with morning tea where congratulations were given to Helen Chalmers for passing her recent Ricochet Referee exam. Margaret Thompson gave a brief outline of the game and then all went out to play – 2 games (45 minute – 14pt) before lunch and 2 games after lunch.

John Pace (Maitland) was the outright winner of the day being the only player to win all 4 games. Helen Chalmers (Newcastle) had 3 wins + 1 draw and Kevin Page (Toronto) had 3 wins (5 other players had 3 wins – Barrie Carter (Nelson Bay), Ted Lyng (Toronto), Bob Studley (Newcastle), Brian Cochrane (Cessnock) & Margaret Studley (Newcastle)). Encouragement Award went to Cathy Hurst (Maitland) – congratulations to all.

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